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HVR Real-time Data Replicator
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Real-time Data Warehousing

HVR simplifies setup, data load and CDC/replication to a very large, real-time data warehouse in hours instead of weeks. HVR's log based capture feeds high volume data in real time with no additional strain on the source system. HVR supports the total data life cycle: initial creation, loading of data, Change data capture, compare / reload and decommissioning.


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OLTP to Vectorwise

hvr oltp to vectorwiseVectorwise with record-breaking performance on commodity hardware is perfectly integrated with HVR. This allows lightning fast analytics on real-time data.

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Heterogeneous Cloud Computing

HVR’s geographic distribution capabilities facilitate seamless integration between different cloud providers and on premise applications. Extreme data compression reduces the costs based on data upload or download of the cloud provider. Besides delivering data from and to, HVR's hub can run on various IAAS platforms and is supported natively under Windows Azure.


Enterprise Data Integration

HVR is an easy to use and flexible unified data transport platform. It seamlessly connects all dominant databases. Managed File Transfer provides centralized management and audit capabilities for scheduled and ad hoc file transfers up to terabytes.


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Oracle to SQL Server Replication

hvr oracle to sql serverMany organizations experience great difficulties getting data into a SQL Server database from an Oracle database. Find out how easy it is with HVR. Read more...

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HVR partners with Datastax and adds support for Cassandra
Partnership with Datastax - HVR adds support for Cassandra
18 April 2014
HVR is now eco system partner with Datastax and has added support for its enterprise implementation of Cassandra  Read more...
HVR supports HawQ
Added support for HawQ
09 April 2014
HVR added support for Pivotals HawQ - an SQL engine on Hadoop  Read more...
HVR compare and refresh
HVR boosts integrating into scaled-out databases
18 March 2014
Integrating exploiting distribution keys for maximum speed and scalability into distributed (sharded) databases  Read more...