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Whether you’re replicating your data to a data lake or data warehouse, from on-prem to the cloud, we support it.

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Amazon RDS Replication Solution
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Snowflake on AWS
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Google Cloud SQL
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Microsoft SQL Server
Azure SQL Database
Azure Synapse Analytics
Microsoft Azure DLS
Microsoft Azure Blob Storage
Azure Event Hub
Databricks Delta Lake
IBM DB2 on z/OS
IBM DB2 iSeries (AS400)
Hive ORC
Actian Vector
HVR Agent Plug-in

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Please contact us to learn more about our API Agent plug-in. This plug-in gives you the ability to connect to a target not listed.

Interview from theCUBE at AWS re:Invent 2020

Driving business value with fresh data

To reach the goal of becoming a 100% data-driven organization, the Logitech team started by adopting AWS. But they still needed a flexible tool to consolidate billions of rows of data and ERP transactions into AWS.

At AWS re:Invent 2020, HVR customer Avi Deshpande, Head of Architecture at Logitech and Anthony Brooks-Williams, CEO of HVR, sat down with the host of theCUBE to discuss how HVR implemented a solution to replicate its ERP data into Snowflake in the AWS, so it’s available for business consumption and analysis in real-time.

With access to real-time data and analytics, Logitech can drive value through the core of its business and co-brands.

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Superpower your SAP data


Extend the power of your SAP data

HVR puts you in control of your data with a set of features that allow you efficiently extract data from SAP with log-based change data capture.


Data replication: SAP HANA to Snowflake

How HVR enables high volume data replication. Several TB of data changes per day? No problem!


HVR support for SAP ERP

Learn how to extract your data from SAP more efficiently with HVR’s with log-based CDC capability, and without the need to access ABAP.

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LIVE DEMO: Microsoft SQL Server to Azure SQL DB

Azure Data Integration

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HVR has proven its stability and robustness. It keeps on running and running with minimal maintenance effort. HVR guarantees secure delivery of all our data. These aspects are even more important in running operations based on cloud solutions.


It performed near flawlessly from the very beginning. I would recommend HVR to organizations that seek excellent replicating solutions.

Commander, United States Coast Guard

Support issues have always been responded to quickly in a polite and helpful manner.

Analyst, Kent Police U.K.

It’s pretty simple to use and it mostly gets the job done without fuss.

Analyst Programmer, Kent Police U.K.

With the combination of flexibility, performance and robustness, HVR has proven to be a very good choice to embed in our flight planning system.

Senior Database Software Architect, Lufthansa

I’ve had a really good experience using HVR recently. It was surprisingly easy to get setup and running, and the error messages were very helpful in terms of figuring out which configuration issues were blocking. I’m doing a one-time Oracle to PostgreSQL migration without any continuous replication.

Senior Scientist, Pharmaceutical Company

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