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Royal Dutch PostNL: 100% Cloud Data Integration with HVR

Challenge: PostNL needed an enterprise data replication software solution that would allow them to replace their on-premises data centers with cloud infrastructure. They looked to migrate applications, data and IT infrastructure to the cloud as well as enable intercloud integration.

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Lufthansa Flight Planning: Real-time Reporting

Challenge: Lufthansa helps airline dispatchers and pilots perform flight planning based off of up-to-date information. In order to do this, the data necessary for flight planning needed to be replicated to a central data repository and be replicated back to the customer airlines for real-time updates.

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U.S. Coast Guard: Real-time Reporting and Reduce Latency

Challenge: The U.S. Coast Guard needed a continuous data integration solution that would replicate data in real-time from the production system it uses to maintain its fleet of aircraft to a second database for use in reporting.


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