Getting real-time data is only a few clicks away!
Taking advantage of Cloud-based resources shouldn't be harder than using on-premises systems. But network efficiency and data security are more important into the Cloud than inside your own data center behind a corporate firewall.
Cloud-based reporting is a popular way to get started, and why not do this in real-time? Start a trial, or check out our videos on how to do this for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

Every industry has real-time analytics use cases. Yet every day opportunities are lost and unnecessary expenses are made because organizations don't analyze data at the right time. Think about how your organization could be transformed with real-time access to data. START HERE

IoT - Sensor Data
More and more products we use daily use sensors to collect information. In industrial manufacturing GE is one of the thought leaders in this space. At the recent Minds and Machines conference it became clear how to get most value out of this sensor-generated data.

Database Migration
Data migration, even when dealing with a single database, is rarely as simple as it sounds especially if the database that is being migrated supports one or more production applications. We broke down the problem in four best practice steps.

Common Replication
What are commom real-time replication use cases and scenarios? Why would you consider using a third-party technology when database vendors provide native tools? These are great questions that deserve some consideration.


At HVR, we believe it should be easy to deliver large volumes of data efficiently, reliably and at the right time into your data store of choice. Our software, the HVR High Volume Replicator, does exactly this using real-time data capture between data sources including SQL databases, Hadoop, data warehousing and business intelligence data stores as well as the most commonly used file systems.

For those organizations where real-time data replication is a mission critical process, HVR has been proven to be a reliable, secure and scalable solution by some of the largest global companies and leading government and defense organizations. HVR Software is a privately held company with offices in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.