The best way to make accurate business decisions, fast, is to base your analysis on data that is updated in real time.
With many companies embarking on the journey to real time, identifying quick and non-disruptive ways to bring real time to your organization becomes very important. From a technical perspective, Change Data Capture (CDC) is a concept used to address all kinds of real time data challenges, from replicating environments to updating reporting systems to integrating data into, out of or within the cloud.
With multiple ways to implement change data capture on relational databases, transactional log-based CDC generally has the lowest impact and scales the best for large volumes.
API - Sounds Easy?
Various data integration tools claim ease of use through the widespread use of APIs. Is that really true? And is data extraction through APIs always as efficient and performant as it could/should be?

Cloud Reporting
Many organizations explore PaaS (Platform, e.g. databases such as Redshift or Azure SQL) and IaaS (Infrastructure) use of cloud resources with a reporting environment. What to consider?

What happened?
A unique CDC use case is auditing. Whether for regulatory reasons, legal motivations or simply to be able to go back in time it can be useful to keep a record of changes. Just make sure you don't miss any.


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