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HVR is now a Fivetran enterprise solution. LEARN MORE.

Come work with us.

HVR was acquired by Fivetran in October 2021. The combined company has dozens of exciting open positions for collaborative, enthusiastic, and ambitious people driven by innovation and the transformation of the digital world.

Our data powers the world.

We are the leading, independent solution for real-time data replication. We help organizations plan, predict, and make better decisions with the freshest data available.

What does that mean exactly?

Our technology keeps planes in the air, toilet paper on the shelf, and packages at your doorstep.

And it doesn’t stop there: We are on the front line of the evolving digital world. It’s our mission to redefine how businesses move, access, and consume their data, helping them build more efficient, competitive companies.


Our Principles & Culture

Trust by Default

Start by assuming the best in one another. We are one team, all here to do our best work. From day one, we support our colleagues and cheer them on. We have each other’s backs and are quick to lend a hand.

Get Stuck In

Actively move the needle forward every day. We get after it, work hard and follow through on everything we do. We take full ownership and call our work finished when it brings value to our customers and each other.

Have a Plan

Take initiative, make thoughtful plans and get after it! We think strategically about our work and how it touches each person on the team. This lets us take moonshots and fosters a culture of learning.

Diversity is our Superpower

We are a global team with a wealth of experience. Seek out each other’s knowledge, backgrounds, ideas and identities. We’re most powerful when we bring our differences together and uplift unique strengths and experiences.

Be Human

We care deeply about each other, our clients and our community. Take the time to connect, to celebrate, and to communicate with kindness. Look for ways to bring fun into the everyday and give each other permission to play.

Keep it Real

We show up with authenticity and honesty in everything we do. No games, no politics, no BS. We keep it real. We make promises we know we can keep while pushing ourselves toward excellence.

Join a global community of people who strive to be the best at what they do — and who they are.

We believe diversity is our superpower, and we succeed by growing and learning from our unique life experiences, backgrounds, and identities.

Although our culture fosters a goal-driven, collaborative environment, we support an entrepreneurial mindset, so great ideas and leaders can rise at every level.