HVR Releases Free Tool

HVR Releases Free Tool to Support Strategic Decision Making

SAN FRANCISCO--HVR Software has released Database Compare, a free software utility to help companies make better strategic decisions by ensuring their internal databases are in sync. A valuable component of their flagship data replication solution, Database Compare is now being offered as a free, standalone product. HVR has identified errors between internal databases as a key problem for businesses when making top level, strategic decisions.

Mark Van de Wiel, Chief Data Officer commented "Our customers always learn something new about their systems when they put our complete real-time data replication solution, which includes Database Compare, in place. Whether it is incorrect assumptions about historical data updates, unexpected database logic getting triggered, software bugs or even accidental mistakes, there are many reasons why data gets out of sync. These learnings from our customers led us to create Database Compare as a stand-alone no-cost data compare tool for businesses who want more confidence in their data."

The software will let businesses know whether the data they are working with is accurate, up to date and in-sync between their databases. This will minimize errors in their strategic thinking and allow business leaders to be more effective in making decisions.

John Sedleniek, VP of Sales stated "As our customers are putting solutions in place to mitigate the growing costs of data management, security and accuracy, investing in best-in-class solutions is a top priority. Steps to reduce the expanding cost of bad data, include comparing mission-critical databases, without additional overhead or cost, is just one component of the overall strategy. We are excited to be a trusted partner on their journey."

HVR are experts in real time data replication. For organizations where real-time data replication is a mission critical process, HVR has been proven to be a reliable, secure and scalable solution by some of the largest global companies and leading government and defense organizations. HVR Software is a privately held company with offices in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

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