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Amazon Redshift Database Replication

data replication into amazon redshift

Data Replication
into Amazon's Redshift

Amazon Redshift is a fast and powerful, fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse service in the cloud. Use HVR's 'Image for AWS' for replication into Amazon's Redshift.

HVR provides near real-time data replication into Amazons Redshift quickly and easily. The technology supports real-time log-based capture from various databases like Oracle, SQL Server and DB2, and it uses Amazon's Redshift "copy from S3" feature to optimize performance for both one-time load and near real-time incremental updates into the Redshift database.

To simplify leveraging Amazon Redshift, HVR has a special edition optimized for Amazon Web Services (AWS): HVR Image for AWS.

Amazon Redshift Database Replication

HVR 'Image for AWS' is a quick and easy way to get data, in near real-time, into your Amazon Redshift environment. It supports end-to-end replication, from initial load - refresh - through continuous real-time data flow to compare/repair (repair in both directions). Getting your data into Amazon Redshift was never easier and faster!

Try HVR for Amazon Redshift now.

Learn More About Amazon Redshift

See how easy it is to target in real-time Amazon Redshift with this video showing Oracle into Amazon Redshift. Or request a Free Trial right now

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