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/blog Accelerated Digital Transformation in the Global Market

by MeredithChristie

Cloud computingIn the current rapidly changing market and environment, businesses are struggling to determine the best way to remain viable. Organizations have taken the opportunity to assess their business and find operational efficiencies that can improve their overall fiscal health. Because real-time data accessibility and analytics are crucial to gaining the insights required to respond quickly, especially in challenging times, companies are rapidly moving to the cloud as part of their digital transformation strategies. 

Organizations in a wide array of industries, including telecommunications, financial services, and healthcare, have taken advantage of digital solutions to quickly identify new opportunities for revenue, business growth, and customer service. At HVR, we’ve been able to support use cases such as

  • A major telecom provider transition to a fully digital stack, including a cloud-based data lake, to help modernize their business and provide their 18 million customers with a self-service option
  • A leading retailer integrate transactional and SAP data onto Snowflake and AWS to better engage customers through its loyalty and engagement program
  • A healthcare provider improve inventory planning and analysis, better anticipate staffing, and accurately identify demand for supplies as part of its COVID-19 response

At HVR, we enable fast, easily-implemented adoption of the big three cloud platforms (Azure, AWS, GCP), with Snowflake the target system of choice running in these cloud platforms. Snowflake provides powerful compute and analytics capabilities, and HVR’s solution enables the integration of SAP data into Snowflake for real-time analytics and planning. With this partnership, organizations are able to not only adopt the cloud and integrate data at scale from key systems such as SAP but also readily access that data in real-time to inform their decisions.

When combined with critical features such as data validation and data monitoring, cloud-based solutions provide a secure, accessible, and powerful tool for businesses to gain a better view of their operational status and identify areas for improvement.

Check out our Digital Transformation Storytelling series, an industry-specific series of webinars, to learn more about how HVR is helping organizations digitally transform their business with cloud and real-time data.

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