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by MeredithChristie

Cloud Data Replication

There are many options to “get” your data to the cloud. Real-Time Data Replication is one of them. In this post, get an overview of what it is and get access to resources that can help you determine what to look for in a cloud data replication tool


In the digital world that we live in, it’s all about the cloud. This extends to how businesses are using the cloud for data storage and management. Data storage environments are becoming more complex and it’s crucial for organizations to adopt real-time data integration strategies and solutions that help them better manage these large volumes of complex data.

According to IDC, investments in enterprise storage systems, such as cloud storage, are increasing at a significant pace and indicate a market shift towards a strong demand for enterprise storage systems. There is a growing need for technologies that are capable of moving data between sources without compromising data integrity. Many organizations are still utilizing legacy systems are transitioning data to newer, more powerful digital systems, which require a data integration strategy. Maximizing your diverse data can improve your business across all levels of the value chain. When data storage and migration are automated, companies can expedite information flows and deliver crucial information to and where they need it. As an enterprise solution, data replication offers data integration and synchronization that promotes scalability and allows companies to work with real-time, constantly evolving data.

What is Cloud Data Replication?

Data replication occurs when data is copied from one server to the next. This makes data easily available and usable by organizations across departments, teams, and people. Replication to the cloud allows organizations to more efficiently gain the insights they need to help drive growth and innovation, eliminate silos while addressing the progressing demands for real-time responsiveness. HVR replicates data using log-based Change Data Capture. It is a low impact, non-intrusive way of replicating data. If you are not familiar with change data capture, the following are some resources we have on the topic:

Change Data Capture Video

Blog: What are the different methods of change data capture

Blog: Change Data Capture–Impact on Log Based Processing 

Challenges when Replicating to and Integrating to Your Cloud Environments

The term “cloud data integration” can apply to a variety of use cases: whether it be from various sources into a lake, migrating on-premises to the cloud, running real-time analytics in the cloud, or integrating into cloud systems. Organizations interested in leveraging the power of the cloud still need to be mindful of previous data integration challenges that came with on-premise environments as well as new ones that may present themselves when replicating data to the cloud. The following are common ones that we often hear about: 

  • Data Quality: This refers to the accuracy and reliability of data sets. 
  • Latency: The speed at which data is received and transferred.
  • Security: How secure your data is as it is subject to data breaches.

How do you overcome these challenges? I’d like to point you to several resources we have on the topic. A colleague wrote an in-depth blog post on common cloud data integration challenges. We also have created tips and best practice guides to help you understand what to look for in solutions for integrating data to the cloud:

AWS Best Practice Guide

Hybrid Cloud Data Integration Guide

Azure Tips

Each of these guides addresses these common challenges and concerns when replicating data to the cloud. In each guide, learn how security can be addressed by routing data through a firewall proxy, a unique feature of HVR. Interested in learning more about how HVR can help you? We invite you to a live demo to see how we can replicate data to the cloud from your traditional RDBMS. We offer a live webinar demo almost every Tuesday and alternate the cloud destination that is featured in the demo.



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