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by ZulfikarQureshi

Oracle Retail to Azure Data Integration Use Case

The popular fashion online retailer on selecting the right data integration provider for their hybrid cloud project


This blog post is based on a joint webinar ASOS presented in with HVR in 2018.


ASOS is a British online retailer catering to young, 20-something fashionistas. After expanding rapidly over the past five years, it has operations in more than 200 countries across the globe. When ASOS was first founded in 2000, it had built a bespoke retail management system from the ground up. But after its rapid growth spurt, it needed a modern, scalable best-of-breed solution. The company chose Oracle Retail for its scalability and its robust planning and merchandising capabilities.

Oracle Retail to Azure: The Project

As the ASOS team was performing implementation of Oracle Retail, they found there were three areas in which data integration and replication were needed to achieve the end goal of real-time reporting and analytics:

1.Support for retail dashboards. Oracle Retail Suite has a concept called the Data Access Schema (DAS). Its aim is to improve performance by separating data extracts and operational reporting from the main OTLP database. On top of the reporting database, ASOS planned to build a series of retail dashboards. ASOS needed real-time replication between the OLTP and reporting databases to keep the dashboards up-to-date.

2. Support for the supplier portal. ASOS is building a portal to give suppliers self-service access to supply chain-related transactions. This portal will enable suppliers to view their POs, ASNs, and invoices in real time. ASOS wanted to use a smaller, segregated subset of their production database to support the portal for a number of reasons, including security. The company needed database replication to get the right data to the supplier portal immediately.

3. Decommissioning its DB2 legacy system and introducing Azure. Finally, the IT team wanted to decommission its IBM DB2 for iSeries database and migrate the data in a one-time replication to a more up-to-date and supportable system—an Azure SQL Server database. This database would serve as a historic data store to address any customer queries.

Data Replication Solution for Oracle to Azure

Homepage_banner_azure ASOS went through a lengthy selection process in which it looked at a number of vendors. Oracle has a native replication tool called Streams, but it was deprecated in version 12, which meant the company needed to look for a different solution. It chose HVR for its broad source and target support, performance, and ease of use.

ASOS went through a lengthy selection process in which it looked at a number of vendors. It chose HVR for its broad source and target support, performance, and ease of use.

While ASOS initially uses HVR exclusively for Oracle-to-Oracle replication, it plans to be ready for new programs and projects in the future. HVR delivers extensive support for sources and targets across technologies. HVR also scored high on performance in moving data compared to its competitors. As a result, ASOS chose to use HVR to seed the replicated databases, rather than using native Oracle data movement tools like Data Pump.

The final selection factor was ease of setup. ASOS is very big on automating all builds of its environments. The HVR GUI includes a facility that documents the script created behind the scenes as a user completes an action in the GUI. It’s very easy to lift these scripts out and use them to partly automate the process of building the HVR replication.

With HVR, ASOS has the real-time data replication capabilities it needs to support its retail dashboards, supplier portal, and legacy data migration. We invite you to learn more about how HVR can support your data replication and integration to cloud requirements–sign up for a live demo.



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