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SNAP Mirror Replication

SNAP Mirror Replication vs Log-Based Data Replication Tools I came across the suggestion this week to use SAN-based SNAP Mirror for database replication instead of the type of log-based replication that other database replication tools, including HVR, perform. Differences between…

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Log-Based CDC: Impact on Database Processing

Worry about the impact of the Log-Based CDC? Many DBAs are – rightfully – worried about the impact log-based Change Data Capture (CDC) will have on the mission-critical transaction processing database. There are many factors that influence CDC performance including…

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Cloud Migration in the Forecast

Cloud Migration in the Forecast  IT continues its inexorable march to the cloud. Whether we’re talking about infrastructure, middleware, applications or business process services,  Gartner reports that by 2021 approximately 28% of all IT spending will be for cloud-based services—up…

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