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Could have prevented a late night interruption…

Monday, at 2 AM. A brief, loud chirping sound wakes me up. A few minutes later I hear the same noise. Concerned that the noise may wake up the entire house I decide to investigate whether I can get the beeping to stop.

You may have heard the loud chirping noise before when a smoke detector is running out of battery. That was my case. But that was only the beginning…

To reach the smoke detector I needed a ladder. The ladder is in the garage, so I had to go outside and down to the garage first. I removed the smoke detector to remove the 9V block battery but – probably by design – just taking out the battery does not make the noise go away. And I was not in the mood at that time to find out how long it would take for the noise to stop. So next I had to get another 9V battery… that I happened to have readily available.

Batteries are weaker in lower temperatures, so physically it is no surprise that the smoke detector always chirps in the middle of the night or very early in the morning, hungry for a new battery. But if only I had known that the battery was running low I could have replaced the battery proactively. Or at least I would have had the ladder readily available. And I would always make sure to buy replacement batteries at the right time.

Real-time Data at the Right Time

This experience reminded me of the many business cases across industries where the right data at the right time is required or desirable to maximize revenue, optimize efficiency, or minimize costs. All kinds of scenarios rely on real-time data integration whether it is to consolidate data or to ensure analytical queries can be completed quickly and in many cases, real-time change data capture and integration can provide the foundation for a solution.

Anyway, that evening I replaced the batteries in all smoke detectors around the house, so I learned my lesson.

If you want to learn more about how organizations are leveraging real-time data to strengthen their business check out our real-time analytics solution brief.

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Mark Van de Wiel is the CTO for HVR. He has a strong background in data replication as well as real-time Business Intelligence and analytics.

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