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Forgive us, we get pretty excited about what we can do with SQL Server

There are numerous options if you are looking for data replication out of and into SQL Server. One of these has been (and still is) HVR, enabling replication in both homogeneous (SQL Server to SQL Server) and heterogeneous environments. With the recent introduction of HVR version 5 we introduced a number of exciting new capabilities and some pretty exciting ones for SQL Server users. Here are a few of the features and updates we are most excited about:

  1. Direct Read at the File System Level
  2. DDL Replication
  3. Flexible Deployments (no need for high system-level privileges)

Direct Read at the File System Level

The latest version of HVR 5.0 introduces direct capture of the SQL Server transaction log (both the current log and the backups) on the file system.  This approach works with databases like Oracle enabling minimal latency and faster performance on the very busy transaction processing system.

For a little background, direct capture in our HVR 4.7  version improved SQL Server replication through the use of database function calls to retrieve the transaction log. While this method is extremely flexible allowing a minimal privilege model installation and enabling change data capture initiated on a server that is not the database server, it is simply not fast enough on extremely busy SQL Server Databases. For that reason, HVR 5 introduces direct reads from the transaction log at the file system level.

DDL Replication

Our latest version of HVR also introduces DDL replication in heterogeneous environments. The initial release supports DDL capture out of Oracle and SQL Server into all databases HVR supports.

For example, you can now set up a real-time reporting database on SQL Server for an Oracle-based source database, and DDL changes to tables will automatically be reflected in SQL Server e.g. new tables, additional columns, column data type changes etc. This automation makes management of your replication setup a lot easier!

Flexible Deployments

Some of you may be worried about the high system-level privileges you need for the direct read. Don’t fret. We fully support log-based change data capture through database calls that can run both on the database server as well as remotely, even with minimum database privileges. This option works very well for systems with medium-size workloads and applications or appliances that don’t allow high system-level access privileges.

To fully take advantage of the new capabilities in HVR 5 such as DDL replication, Direct Capture, and more, we invite you to connect with us for a free replication consultation to discuss your real-time data integration needs.

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