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Experience Fast, Real-Time High Volume Data Integration In Your Cloud Environments

Cloud adoption brings many advantages such as efficiency and lower costs. HVR adds to the advantage as it enables efficient real-time cloud data integration in your complex environment– whether it be inter-cloud, intra-cloud or hybrid cloud.

We invite you to a free trial of HVR–our real-time data integration solution–to see for yourself.

Common Use Cases:

  • On-Prem to Cloud Migration
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Data Lake Consolidation
  • Hybrid Cloud Integration 

Key Features:

  • Heterogeneous/Broad Platform Support**
  • Log-based Change Data Capture
  • Data Validation
  • Data Monitoring and Reporting including Slack Integration
  • Data Encryption

Key Benefits:

  • Fast and efficient data movement for real-time updates 
  • Scalable: Simple to add new platforms. Easily manage increasing data volumes.
  • Assurance in data synchronicity and accuracy
  • Data is secure

Easy to Install

Our product is less than 100MB, has very few (if any) required installation dependencies, and with our GUI (graphical user interface), it is easy to perform your data integration tasks.

To get your fully supported trial, complete the following form and tell us about your replication need.

Platforms Supported

Find your databases, file systems, and other data platforms supported in the diagram below: