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HVR is an AWS Advanced Tier Technology Partner

As an Advanced Tier Partner, we provide AWS customers with an efficient way to simultaneously and securely move their data between AWS platforms and services, such as S3 and Redshift. In addition, high volumes of data can be moved from organizations’ relational database management systems iAWS_Advanced_Technology_Partner_Networknto their AWS destination in real-time, so customers can continuously integrate their data on the AWS cloud and have it available for real-time analysis.


AWS platforms supported: Amazon Aurora, Amazon RDS, Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, Amazon Redshift

HVR for AWS Marketplace

HVR  for AWS is a pre-configured image of an AWS EC2 instance running the HVR remote listener agent and necessary drivers to connect to Oracle and Redshift enabling data replication from and into any supported on-premises database like DB2, Oracle, Ingres and/or SQL Server. On top of that HVR supports file systems as source or destination including HDFS/Hadoop.

HVR for AWS is a quick and easy way to get data from and to your AWS environment. It supports all replication modes, from initial load – refresh – through continuous real-time data flow to compare/repair (in both directions).

Looking to get started with HVR and AWS? Go to Getting Started with AWS. Or check out our AWS Replication Resources page.

Getting your data into AWS  was never easier and faster!

HVR for AWS Marketplace

In this video, you will learn how to use the HVR for AWS image that is available in the Amazon Web Services Marketplace.
HVR is an all-in-one box solution to perform efficient, real-time change data capture and continuous data integration between databases and data stores in a heterogeneous environment.

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