The Power of Combining CDC and ETL to Accelerate your Digital Transformation

December 9  |  10:00 am PT  |  1:00 pm ET




Is your organization looking to create a cloud-based data platform for real-time BI? Curious about how you can leverage CDC and ETL to integrate legacy data sources with SAP and other essential business data into the cloud to perform the data transformations necessary for real-time analytics? 

If so, register for this technical webinar. Experts from Matillion, HVR, and Snowflake will walk you through a robust demonstration of how their respective technologies, when combined, can accelerate your digital transformation strategy. 

During the session, you’ll learn: 

  • How HVR’s log-based CDC technology extracts data from SAP systems
  • How to transform data with Matillion’s cloud-based ETL solution
  • How to securely deliver consumable data into Snowflake for faster reporting and analytics using CDC and ETL



Karey Graham, Matillion’s Partner Technical Success Manager

Josh Robinson, HVR’s Sr. Solution Architect

AJ von Massenhausen, Snowflake’s Partner Manager

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