Real-Time Data Integration for the Cloud, Data Lakes, and more…

As data sources, types, and platforms expand, it doesn’t mean how you integrate and update data should slow you down. Simply integrate data into your data lake, the cloud, or from one database to another. Lots of data sources and targets? No problem. We can help as we support popular platforms.

With an HVR free trial, you will not only experience fast data movement, but data that arrives in your destinations accurately, securely, in-sync, and ready for analysis.

What you will get when you sign up:

  1. Full support from our team of experienced engineers
  2. Dedicated Account Contact
  3. One month free trial

What a free trial of HVR will give you:

  1. A chance to experience unique HVR features such as data validation, reporting and monitoring
  2. Ability to efficiently move data from your source system via log-based change data capture in real-time
  3. Access to HVR’s proprietary network compression function to see how you can greatly reduce latency
  4. Data Encryption to ensure secure data movement

Easy to Install

Our product is less than 100MB, has very few (if any) required installation dependencies, and with our GUI (graphical user interface), it is easy to perform your data integration tasks.


To get your fully supported trial, complete the form and tell us about your replication need.

Platforms Supported

Find your databases, file systems, and other data platforms supported in the diagram below:

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