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Real-Time Data Integration into Kafka

Experience Real-Time Data Integration into Kafka

Welcome to HVR! We are a real-time data integration provider and Confluent Connector. If you are looking to integrate data from your relational database in real-time to your Kafka platform, get started today with a free trial.

What you will get when you sign up:

  1. Full support from our team of experienced engineers
  2. Dedicated Account Contact
  3. One month free trial

What a free trial of HVR will give you:

  1. A chance to experience multi-purpose streaming from your relational databases to Kafka and other cloud-based systems
  2. Ability to move data from your source system via log-based change data capture in real-time
  3. Access to HVR’s proprietary network compression function to see how you can greatly reduce latency
  4. Data Encryption to ensure secure data movement


“Great big data capabilities.

–HVR Customer, Data Architect in the Transportation Industry


Platforms We Support:

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