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Consolidate Data Into Your Data Lake from a Variety of Sources

Experience how HVR can help you optimize your data lake project with continuous data integration.  We enable you to easily move high volumes of data into your lake for real-time updates. What’s more is that we provide “Big Data Compare”–functionality for you to validate your data so you know that your data is in sync. Take advantage of our free trial offer to see how.

Our solution includes:

  • real time data integrationInitial data load from multiple sources 
  • Log-based change data capture
  • “Big Data Compare”: Validate your data 
  • Reporting and Monitoring


  • Efficiently load and update high volumes of data
  • Greater confidence in your data 
  • Transactional consistency

Easy to Install

HVR GUI for replicationOur product is less than 100MB, has very few (if any) required installation dependencies, and with our GUI (graphical user interface), it is easy to perform your data integration tasks.


To get your fully supported trial, complete the form on the right and tell us about your replication need.

Find your databases, file systems, and other data platforms supported in the chart below.

Platforms Supported

 Source and TargetTarget Only
Relational DatabasesOraclePostgreSQLTeradataRedshift
SQL ServerIngresGreenplumXtremeData
Azure SQLHANAVectorAzure SQL DW
DB2 LUWAzure SQLMatrix 
DB2 iSeriesAmazon RDS  
File SystemsLocalSharePoint  
Amazon S3   
OtherSalesforce KafkaHBase

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