Data Lake Webinars

At HVR, we often host and present data lake webinars. These webinars are typically about data lake best practices, data integration considerations, and technology considerations. We have consolidated our recorded data lake webinars on this page in hopes that you find the information you need to get started on your data lake project.

Webinar: Unlocking Your SAP Data with HVR

In this webinar HVR’s CTO, Mark Van de Wiel, discusses the challenges of extracting data from SAP ECC and SAP HANA. He talks about why it’s important to have the ability to extract and leverage this data in continuous real-time for common use cases such as data lakes, data warehousing and consolidated reporting.

Webinar: Five Key Questions About Data Lakes

Many organizations have a serious interest in data lakes, at the moment, because of the business analytics and new data-driven practices that lakes promise. Yet, these organizations still aren’t quite ready to take a dive into a data lake. Whether they are unable to define standard structures, align and maintain business meanings, or create a governance strategy, these companies struggle to anticipate what truly lies beneath the surface of the data lake.

What you will learn:

  • What a data lake is and what it isn’t
  • What technology platforms, tools, designs, and architectures are involved
  • Why you may need a lake, and what business value you can expect to get from it
  • How to get started in a safe and value-adding way
  • What the critical success factors are

Webinar: Deploying a Data Lake in the Cloud

In this webinar, HVR experts Joe deBuzna and Mark Van de Wiel in this provide practical, real-world knowledge about how to integrate data successfully into your cloud-based data lake. They address common cloud and data lake deployment concerns such as: integrating data from multiple sources, moving data securely, validating data and more.

This webinar also features a live demo of HVR’s latest Data Lake release to continuously move on-prem data into a Data Lake on S3, and programmatically validate data correctness.

What you will learn:

  • Evolution of data integration that led to Data Lakes
  • Common challenges when integrating data into a Data Lake and how to overcome them
  • Best practices for integration into, out of and between Clouds

Webinar: Three Data Lake Deployment Examples Using Different Technologies

In this webinar, learn about technologies that have served as a data lake for some of the largest organizations in the world. These organizations have used different technologies and strategies for managing their data lake. At HVR, we help these organizations integrate their data from multiple sources into their data lake.

What you will learn:

  • Three different technologies used for “data lakes”
  • Considerations when deploying a data lake in the cloud
  • How to continuously integrate data into your data lake
  • How to create a data lake that can be trusted

Webinar: Building and Maintaining a Data Lake for Big Data Analytics

Many data-driven organizations are adopting data lakes to support data discovery, data science, and real-time operational analytics capabilities. In fact, one-third of DBTA readers are planning projects for 2017. The ability to inexpensively store large volumes of data from diverse sources and make that data readily accessible to workers and applications across the enterprise is a huge advantage for companies pursuing new types of analytics, especially those involving the Internet of Things and cognitive computing use cases.

However, building and maintaining a data lake to support new analytics applications involves a number of technical challenges:

  • Data architecture
  • Data integration data security and governance
  • Data security
  • Data governance

In this webinar, your hosts highlight common pitfalls, key best practices, and success stories in building and maintaining a data lake for big data analytics that you can trust.

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