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Big Data Replication in real time

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This is the era of Big Data! Your customers expect everything that they have shared with your company has been safely stored.

You must leverage that info for effective marketing. Value chains must be optimized using multiple data sources in real-time. Without grasping this business agility, your company could be overtaken tomorrow by a competitor that is just now starting up in a garage.

HVR Big Data Replication is technology to capture large volumes of data from commonly used data sources in real-time and deliver into a variety of big data technologies in a scalable manner.

If your having a hard time deciding whether to put your data into a BI database or into Hadoop? With a simple checkbox HVR Big Data Replication can deliver into both these databases – in real-time.

Real-time Data Integration into your Big-data platform with Hadoop AND your analytical targets, from various sources like Oracle. SQL Server, DB2 and CLoud with zero effort

HVR Big Data Replication supports log-based change data capture from the leading relational databases including Oracle, SQL Server and DB2. File-based capture is also supported from many platforms including HDFS. Big data targets include Oracle Exadata, Teradata, Pivotal's Greenplum and Hawq, Actian's Analytics Platform and HDFS supporting all Hadoop distributions.

Routing data from multiple sources into multiple targets, big data or otherwise, is one of HVR's Big Data Replication strengths. But on top of that HVR provides an easy to use GUI, initial data load capabilities as well as compare/repair database functionality. Continue reading...

Many organizations are starting to put big data solutions into production. Contact us to learn more about some exciting projects that we are working on at some of the largest companies in the world.

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