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HVR 5.7 — Multi-Cloud Release


Technology is the engine of digital transformation, data is the fuel, process is the guidance system, and organizational change capability is the landing gear. You need them all, and they must function well together.Thomas Davenport, Harvard Business Review

What's included?

The latest version of HVR simplifies the delivery of data into cloud destinations, allowing data architects and DBAs greater flexibility with on-premises and cloud-based data sources. With network-based encryption supported for years, this latest release extends data encryption capabilities to all your data replicated by HVR.


Encryption at rest

Introducing support for an encryption wallet, which is software-based and
leverages AWS’s Key Management Service (KMS).


Snowflake enhancements

Internal staging support, improvements to data delivery, support for Snowflake on GCP, and more!


Native support

Native support for Google Cloud Platform (GCP)


Platform updates

Oracle 19c, SQL Server 2019, DB2 z/OS 12, and so many more.

Encryption at rest — wallet

HVR 5.7 introduces support for an encryption wallet, which is software-based and leverages AWS’s Key Management Service (KMS). Through the encryption key stored in the wallet, HVR will encrypt secret and confidential data as it flows through the channels. Secret data includes passwords and other credentials such as access keys. Confidential data is any of your applications’ data.

The encryption wallet feature follows industry best practices for management including support for key rotation. To decrypt any encrypted data the wallet must be opened, with support for auto-open, password protection, or opening the wallet through a plugin.

Combined with the existing network encryption feature, HVR 5.7 now provides end-to-end encryption of your data as it is replicated by HVR.


Snowflake enhancements

The Snowflake cloud data platform is one of the most popular destinations for HVR data replication. To streamline deployments into Snowflake, HVR 5.7 delivers several enhancements, including:

  • Support for internal staging. This enhancement eliminates the need for customers to provide their own staging through AWS S3, Azure Blob Storage or GCS, yet still, optimum data throughput is achieved.
  • Improvements to the data delivery into Snowflake, resulting in less need to perform metadata queries, achieving better performance.
  • Support for Snowflake on GCP, with staging through GCS.
snowflake logo

GCP (Google Cloud Platform) technology support

GCP is ranked the number three cloud platform behind Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft’s Azure, growing rapidly thanks to new leadership and – thanks to its own experiences – an edge in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (ML and AI).

In addition to Google BigQuery, HVR 5.7 enables customers to adopt the following GCP technologies:

Icons_platforms_Google_cloud_SQL_MySQL Google Cloud SQL – MySQL, as source or target

Google Cloud SQL – PostgreSQL, as target

Google Cloud Storage (GCS), as source or target for files
Google-compute-engine Replicating data to/from any HVR supported technologies running on a Google Compute Engine is also supported.


Platform updates

Enhancement to existing platforms, both on-premises and cloud-only technologies, enable organizations to replicate their data to the cloud destination of their choice. Platform updates include:

Source and target


Target only

  • Kafka, including support for Cloudera schema registry

Learn more about our source and target support

Whether you’re replicating your data to a data lake or data warehouse, from on-prem to the cloud, we support it.

  • All
  • Source
  • Target
Amazon Redshift
Amazon RDS Replication Solution
Cloud-hosted PostgreSQL
Amazon S3
Cloud-hosted MySQL
Snowflake on AWS
Snowflake on Google Cloud Platform
Snowflake on Azure
Google BigQuery
Cloud-hosted Apache Kafka
Microsoft SQL Server
Azure Synapse Analytics
Microsoft Azure DLS
IBM DB2 on z/OS
IBM DB2 iSeries (AS400)
Cloud-hosted MariaDB
HVR Agent Plug-in

Don’t see your platform?

Please contact us to learn more about our API Agent plug-in. This plug-in gives you the ability to connect to a target not listed.

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