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New Version Release

HVR 5.6 — Cloud Connectivity Release

What's included?

We’re pleased to share the GA of the latest version of HVR, HVR 5.6., built to simplify the complexities associated with disparate multi-and hybrid cloud deployments. Data architects and DBAs get greater manageability and control of data flows as well as more choice in where their data is integrated to and replicated from:

Topology graphs

Our latest enhancement to Insights, this intuitive and interactive visualization tool allows users to better manage complex data flows, ensure latency requirements are met, data delivery is optimized, and more.

Live compare

Data in flight can now be checked for accuracy. This capability merges the changes in the HVR transaction files with any detected differences, allowing users to be confident that two systems are in sync, irrespective of in-flight changes.

New platforms

The freedom to replicate and integrate between more data sources and targets. You and your teams can further avoid vendor lock-in and pick the right technologies best suited for your needs.

User audit

All user interactions with HVR are now tracked to provide an easy-to-use, browser-based, graphical report as part of HVR Insights.

Insights — topology graphs

HVR customers are already consolidating and integrating data from dozens of organization-wide sources. Now, you can get a quick and meaningful visual of multiple sources to target data flows while getting an overview of key performance metrics such as latency and data volumes.

This new feature, referred to as topology, uses intuitive visual elements to provide multiple key attributes of every data flow in a single overview, including:

  • Direction of the data flow or channel
  • Relative number of tables being replicated per node
  • Indication of latency, split between Change Data Capture (CDC) and integration
  • Indication of whether latency thresholds are exceeded, again split by capture and integration

Topology provides you with live call-out reports giving you deeper insights on your data movement, as well as drilling down into the historical metrics per data flow/channel.

Live compare

Accuracy builds trust in the data used for analytics and reporting. The built-in HVR feature, Compare, allows you to verify data is in sync and alerts you if there is a problem. The latest version of HVR takes Compare to the next level of measuring data accuracy with live compare and broader functionality:

1. Live Compare: Merge the changes in the HVR transaction files with any detected differences based on selecting the data from either side of the data flow. You can then give an exact answer on whether two systems are in sync, irrespective of in-flight changes.

2. Live Compare using a two-pass approach: Used to validate if databases are in sync or not, regardless if they are being replicated with HVR or any other replication tool.

3. File Compare: Perform a direct reading of the files instead of relying on Hive external tables to retrieve the data. This new approach no longer requires implicit data rounding and truncation as part of coercion and is more scalable than the existing approach using Hive. This also saves the cost of running Hive in the cloud.


User audit

All user interactions with HVR are now tracked to provide an easy-to-use, browser-based, graphical report as part of HVR Insights.

This feature facilitates configuration management to keep track of changes made to the setup. Complex environments need this tracking to match change requests with configuration changes, which is a must-have requirement for certain use cases (e.g. compliance for financial reporting).

Every new HVR release introduces countless small improvements. Please check the release notes for full details.


Expanded source and target support


  • Aurora PostgreSQL: HVR now supports Log-based CDC from this platform as a source
  • DB2 on z/OS: DB2 running on the mainframe (z/OS) is now supported as a source for Log-based CDC
  • Also included is updated support for the latest GA versions of database technologies including Oracle, MySQL, and MariaD


  • Snowflake on Azure
  • Azure BLOB storage is now supported for all supported file types including Parquet, JSON,
  • Avro, CSV and others, with lots of options to fine tune the formatting
  • Azure HDInsight support for Hive tables
  • Oracle’s cloud-based Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW)
  • Also supported: Hive 3.0, Map-R, and Cloudera and Hortonworks distributions of Hadoop

Learn more about our source and target support

Whether you’re replicating your data to a data lake or data warehouse, from on-prem to the cloud, we support it.

  • All
  • Source
  • Target
Amazon Redshift
Amazon RDS Replication Solution
Cloud-hosted PostgreSQL
Amazon S3
Cloud-hosted MySQL
Snowflake on AWS
Snowflake on Google Cloud Platform
Snowflake on Azure
Google BigQuery
Cloud-hosted Apache Kafka
Microsoft SQL Server
Azure Synapse Analytics
Microsoft Azure DLS
IBM DB2 on z/OS
IBM DB2 iSeries (AS400)
Cloud-hosted MariaDB
HVR Agent Plug-in

Don’t see your platform?

Please contact us to learn more about our API Agent plug-in. This plug-in gives you the ability to connect to a target not listed.

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