HVR Database Compare in detail

Everyone that needs to keep two or more databases in sync knows the problem: how do you make sure that the databases are identical. Regardless of what databases, platforms, tools or technology you use, the reality is that interruptions in operations due, for example, to network issues, can cause differences to arise.

What you need is the ability to compare the databases that need to be kept in sync. This functionality has been built into HVR Software’s real-time data replication product for a long time and now, for the first time, HVR is making this available as a stand-alone product. What’s more, we’re making this functionality, HVR Database Compare, available at no cost.

HVR Database Compare will compares a source database with one or more target databases. It compares not only the data structures, but also the data in the tables itself, it will identify whether they are in sync. It can operate on a single table, all tables or a specific subset of tables.

Database Compare can perform the comparison in two-modes: bulk or row-by-row mode. The user can choose whether to use bulk mode which is more efficient in its use of system resources or row-by-row mode which provides more detailed results and has the added benefit of being less intrusive to users working on a live system.

And HVR Database Compare doesn’t just tell you what databases are out of sync, it generates a detailed report containing the necessary SQL statements to restore / resync the tables.

HVR Database Compare Compares databases and reports the differences

Like HVR’s core software, Database Compare supports different DBMS systems. When comparing these databases, the differences between them are handled automatically. Incompatible data types, differing data structures and alternative naming can be compared as well by using Database Compare’s transformations option. For example, if data from multiple columns on the source table is combined into a single column on the destination table, HVR Database Compare will take this change into consideration when determining if systems are in sync. Partitioning of data into different target databases is also possible - HVR will compare the data relevant to that target database only by simply specifying a distribution condition.

HVR Database Compare shares the same engine and user interface as HVR’s core product. This makes upgrading from Database Compare to the full capabilities of HVR’s market-leading replication software very easy. The Database Compare setup and can re-used and the user interface is identical - although with extensive additional functionality – to ensure a rapid, productive transition.

As anyone who maintains multiple databases knows, keeping these databases in sync can be a complex and time-consuming process. Using HVR Database Compare provides an easy and no-cost solution to this problem.

To see for yourself, we have created the video DATABASE COMPARE explained.

HVR Database Compare is free, with no strings attached. We only ask your email address to send you the download link. Get Database Compare now!!