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Developer C/C++ (MSc degree)

HVR Software provides solutions in the field of data replication, real-time business intelligence and managed file transfer for business-critical application environments. Our rapidly growing clientele is international.

For the further development of our products we are looking for a driven, university educated software engineer with above average grades.

Technical environment

  • Programming in C / C ++, complex structures and pointers, object orientation, exceptions, profiling, memory management techniques.
  • System Programming: Sockets and TCP / IP, semaphores, threads.
  • Relational Databases, SQL language, DBMS call-level interface (eg ODBC or Oracle OCI), DBMS logging and locking.
  • Java JNI

What we offer is a job with technical challenges in an informal organization with excellent working conditions.

Please send your application to info@hvr-software.com.