Digital Transformation Storytelling Series

How organizations are leveraging the power of real-time data and cloud technologies to reduce costs, save time, and satisfy customers.

In times of crisis and economic instability organizations at the forefront of digital transformation are better equipped to utilize cloud-based platforms and solutions to efficiently modify operational processes, adjust revenue streams, and provide customers with better, real-time decisions.

Even if your organization is in the early phases of digital transformation, or has yet to see the value, you can improve responsiveness and achieve greater business agility cloud data integration.

We invite you to join us for one (or many) of our storytelling sessions. Each 30-minute session is industry-specific, and we will share customer stories about how they accelerated their digital transformation strategy and created efficiencies in their business through the use of cloud technologies and real-time analytics.

See below for the topic, schedule, and registration links. Slides will be minimal, so you can join and listen as if this were a podcast.

Financial services

THURSDAY   |   MAY 28   |   9 am PT   |   12 pm ET   |   6 pm CEST

Duration: 30 min

How have financial services leveraged cloud and real-time data to create value, reduce costs, and more? Join this storytelling session as we discuss how financial services customers uncovered opportunities and overcame challenges with their technologies in order to better serve customers and improve their bottom line.

Supply chain and logistics

THURSDAY | JUNE 11   |   9 am PT   |   12 pm ET   |   6 pm CEST

Duration: 30 min

Currently, organizations are seeking ways to transform their supply chain operations to mitigate future disruptions. Find out what impact real-time data, IoT data, and cloud technologies have on creating operational efficiencies, identifying opportunities, and minimizing supply chain risk. In this 30-minute storytelling session, we will share how customers have leveraged modern technologies to better manage their supply chain.

Consumer goods

THURSDAY | JUNE 25 |   |   9 am PT   |   12 pm ET   |   6 pm CEST

Duration: 30 min

Consumer-facing organizations can’t just rely on their brand appeal to sell products and win customer loyalty. Organizations need to maintain a competitive advantage with product availability, price, and service. In addition, it is critical to have the ability to respond quickly to customer communication, anticipate and act on supply and demand, and have the ability to fulfill the need. Join us for a 30-minute storytelling session to hear how leading consumer brands have leveraged the cloud and real-time data for actionable insights.

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