Last updated on Sep 21, 2021



hvrcatalogupgrade - Upgrade the catalog tables in hub database.


hvrcatalogupgrade [options] hubdb


Command hvrcatalogupgrade allows you to upgrade the existing catalog tables in hub database to the new version after an HVR upgrade. If this command is run without option -s, all catalog tables except hvr_stats will be upgraded to the new version.

The argument hubdb specifies the connection to the hub database. For more information about supported hub databases and the syntax for using this argument, see Calling HVR on the Command Line.

  • It is recommended to backup (using hvrcatalogexport) the catalog tables before upgrading to new version.
  • This command does not have any impact on the catalog tables if they are already upgraded to the new version.


This section lists and describes all options available for hvrcatalogupgrade.




Location class of the hub database. Valid values for class are db2db2iingresmysqloraclepostgresqlsqlserver, or teradata. For more information, see Calling HVR on the Command Line.

-sStatistics (hvr_stats) table upgrade. This option will force the hvr_stats table to be upgraded.
-uuser[/pwd]Connect to hub database using DBMS account user. For some databases (e.g. SQL Server) a password must also be supplied.