Configuring Remote Installation of HVR on Windows

Last updated on May 11, 2020


This section describes the configuration required for a remote installation of HVR (also known as HVR remote agent) on Windows. These configuration steps are required either when:

  • connecting from an HVR Hub to an HVR remote agent on the Source (capture) or Target (integrate) server,
  • connecting from a PC (using HVR GUI) to an HVR Hub installed on a Windows server.

For connecting to a HVR remote agent installed on a Windows server, create an HVR Remote Listener service on the remote Windows server. Also, an HVR listener port must be configured on the server running the HVR remote agent. Pick an arbitrary TCP/IP port number between 1024 and 65535 which is not already in use. We suggest using 4343 as the HVR listener port number and the following examples throughout this section will reference this port number.

Creating and Starting HVR Remote Listener Service

In Windows, the HVR Remote Listener service can be created and started (or stopped) from HVR's GUI or Command Line Interface (CLI):


To create and start the HVR Remote Listener service, the following steps should be performed on the remote Windows server where HVR is installed:

  1. Launch HVR GUI.
  2. Click File  HVR Remote Listener.
  3. Click Create... to create the HVR Remote Listener service.
  4. Click Start to start the HVR Remote Listener service.


To create and start the HVR Remote Listener service, execute the following command on the remote Windows server where HVR is installed:

hvrremotelistener -acs 4343

Testing Connection to a Remote Installation of HVR

To test the connection, execute the command hvrtestlistener on the server from which you are connecting to a remote installation of HVR:

hvrtestlistener node port

hvrtestlistener myintegratenode 4343

If authorization (username and password) is required to connect to the remote server then use the command hvrtestlistener with option -L. For example,

hvrtestlistener -L myusername/mypassword myintegratenode 4343

Sample Output:

hvrtestlistener: HVR 5.6.0/0 (windows-x64-64bit)

hvrtestlistener: Connection with authorization to myintegradenode:4343 successful.

hvrtestlistener: Finished. (elapsed=0.22s)

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