HVR Insights

Last updated on Jul 17, 2020

  Since    v5.3.1/25  

HVR Insights is a real-time, web-based graphical interface that provides a comprehensive visualization of replication (capture and integrate) along with dashboard and event log viewer. It includes the following interfaces:


Visualization of capture and integrate activity which includes the volume of data in each location and channel, replication direction, latency etc.


Dashboard to monitor replication performance/health.


Displays event logs that are generated in HVR when any activity is performed for certain changes that a user makes in HVR.

Supported Web Browsers

HVR recommends using the latest (stable) version of your preferred web browser (listed below) for the best experience.

Web browsers supporting HVR Insights include:

  • Chrome 76.0.3809.100 and above
  • Firefox 68.0.2 and above
  • Safari 11 and 12
  • Internet Explorer 11

The Insights user interface is not designed to be used with mobile or tablet interface.

Settings for Viewing Insights

The Insights interface for TopologyStatistics, and Events can be viewed only in the web browser. 

Following are the two available options that can be configured (View  Insights Web App) for viewing the Insights interface:

  • Open in local web browser (default) - Automatically open the respective Insights interface in the default web browser.

    When this option is used and if the URL is shared with other users, only the users who are connected to the machine on which the HVR GUI is executed can access the Insights interface.

  • Show URL only - A prompt is displayed with an option to copy the Insights URL, which can be then pasted into any web browser's address bar to view the respective Insights interface. This option is used in any of the following situations:
    • If the machine on which the HVR GUI is executed does not have a web browser installed.
    • To share the URL with all other users. All other users can access the Insights interface even if they are not connected to the machine on which the HVR GUI is executed.

For Insights to work, HVR GUI should be running. If HVR GUI is closed with the Insights window open, then an error message is displayed in the Insights window.