Installing HVR on AWS Manually

Last updated on May 13, 2020

Following are the steps to create HVR instance for AWS:

  1. In the AWS portal, create a VM in the AWS console AWS -> EC2 --> Launch Instance type T2.micro – Red Hat 64bit for the agent. In the advanced configuration, have it created in the same VPC as your Redshift cluster(Step 3) and create /use a security group allowing connections on port e.g. 4343 from your on-premise environment (Step 6) (let Amazon auto detect your IP range).
  2. Then install the HVR software on that VM as an agent by following the installation steps 1,2 and 5 in section Installing HVR on Unix or Linux on the same port (eg 4343) as you just opened in the secuity group.
  3. Also in the VM, install the Redshift ODBC driver. This is actually the Postgres 8 ODBC driver for Linux. First use yum install to install packages unixODBCunixODBC-devel and postgresql-libs automatically and then download (with wget) and install package postgres-odbc v8.04 manually to overwrite the Postgres9 components with Postgres 8 components.
  4. Finally, in the AWS portal, check your Redshift and EC2 instances are in the same VPC and in a security group allowing port e.g. 4343, check AWS -> VPC -> security group -> inbound rules -> 4343 or add it.