Capture from Oracle using LogMiner

Last updated on Oct 15, 2021

In this capture method (Capture_Method=LOGMINER), HVR reads transaction log records using Oracle's logminer interface (dbms_logmnr package). This capture method reads change data over an SQL connection and does not require the HVR agent to be installed on the source database machine. However, this capture method is slower than the Direct Redo Access method and exposes additional load on the source database.

Grants for LogMiner

The HVR database User must have the privileges mentioned in section Grants for Log-Based Capture and additionally the following privileges for capturing from Oracle using LogMiner interface:

grant execute on sys.dbms_logmnr to hvruser;

grant select any transaction to hvruser;

grant execute_catalog_role to hvruser;

/* The following grant is required for Oracle 12.1 and later */

grant logmining to hvruser;

Limitations of LogMiner Capture Method

  • Only Oracle version and above are supported for capturing changes from LogMiner.
  • Capture of truncate statements is not supported.
  • Capture from XML Data Type columns is not supported.
  • Updates that only change LOB columns are not supported.
  • Index Organized Tables (IOT) with an overflow segment is not supported.
  • Capturing DDL (using action AdaptDDL) changes such as add table as... drop table... and alter table... including partition operations are not supported.

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