Action List

Last updated on Jan 13, 2022


Actions panel displays the list of actions defined in all your channels.

The Actions panel can be accessed from the following pages: Channels, Channel Details, Locations, Location Details, Tables, Table Details. To open the Actions panel, on one of the above pages, click the More Options icon  at the top right and select View Actions. The Actions panel automatically filters actions depending on the page where you open it, as well as the All Channels and All Locations selectors if applied on the ChannelsLocationsTables pages. For example, on the Channel Details page, the Actions panel displays the actions defined on a specific channel. If you open the Actions panel on the Locations page with the All Channels filter set to a specific channel, only actions defined on the locations of that specific channel will be displayed in the Actions panel.

The Actions panel displays the following information related to actions: 

CHANNELChannel name, on which the action is defined.
LOCATIONLocation scope, on which the action is defined. This can be a single location (ora12_src1), a location group (SOURCE, TARGET), or all locations in a channel (*ALL).
TABLETable scope, on which the action is defined. This can be a single table (customer2), a table group (GENERAL), or all tables in a channel (*ALL).
ACTIONAction name and action parameters, if any.

Filtering Actions

  • The Action selector allows you to display only specific action(s), for example only Capture actions. 
  • The Search filter is a full-text search across all records in the Actions table to quickly find all occurrences of a word/number you type. For example, if you type ora12_src1, it will display all entries matching the search criteria, such as a location named ora12_src1 as well as action parameters that have value ora12_src1

Managing Actions

The following options to manage actions are available at the top right menu of the Actions panel, as well as under the More Options menu .

Bulk Editing

To select multiple actions in one go, select the first action, hold the Shift key and then select the last action - all actions in between the first and the last will be selected.

Every action also has its own More Options menu , from which you can copydelete, or export the action.