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HVR can be configured and controlled either by using the Graphical User Interface (GUI) or the Command Line Interface (CLI). This chapter describes all HVR commands and its parameters. Most HVR commands take a hub database name as the first argument. For more information, see section Calling HVR on the Command Line.


Command Description
hvr runtime engine HVR runtime engine
hvradapt Select base table definitions and compare with channel information
hvrcatalogexport Export from hub database into HVR catalog document
hvrcatalogimport Import from HVR catalog document into hub database
hvrcompare Compare data in tables
hvrcontrol Send and manage internal control files
hvrcrypt Encrypt passwords
hvreventview Display events and their results from hvr_event and hvr_event_result catalog tables.
hvrfailover Failover between Business Continuity nodes using replication
hvrfingerprint Display host fingerprint
hvrgui HVR Graphical User Interface
hvrinit Load a replication channel
hvrlivewallet Set passwords to the HVR Live Wallet port
hvrlogrelease Manage DBMS logging files when not needed by log–based capture
hvrmaint Housekeeping script for HVR on the hub machine
hvrproxy HVR proxy
hvrrefresh Refresh the contents of tables in the channel
hvrremotelistener HVR Remote Listener
hvrretryfailed Retry changes saved in fail tables or directory due to integration errors
hvrrouterconsolidate Merge small tx files in router directory
hvrrouterview View or extract contents from internal router files
hvrscheduler HVR Scheduler server
hvrsslgen Generate a private key and public certificate pair.
hvrstart Start jobs
hvrstatistics Extract statistics from HVR scheduler logfiles
hvrstats Gather or output statistics information
hvrsuspend Suspend (or un–suspend) jobs
hvrswitchtable Schedule merge of one channel's tables into another channel without interrupting replication
hvrtestlistener Test listening on TCP/IP port for HVR remote connection
hvrtestlocation Test connection to HVR location
hvrtestscheduler Test (ping) that the HVR Scheduler is running
hvrvalidpw Authentication plugin to validate the username/password of incoming connections