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Action Reference



This action sets an operating system environment variable for the HVR process which connects to the affected location. It also affects an agent called for this location.

Environment variables can also be in the environment of the HVR Scheduler, but these are only inherited by HVR processes that run locally on the hub machine; they are not exported to HVR slave processes that are used for remote locations.

If this action is defined on a specific table, then it affects the entire job including data from other tables for that location.


Parameter Argument Description
/Name env_var Name of the environment variable.
/Value path Value of the environment variable.


Variable Description
HVR_COMPRESS_LEVEL Controls amounts of replication for capture and integrate jobs. Value s disables compression, which will reduce CPU load. By default, compression is enabled. This variable must have the same value for all locations.
HVR_LOG_RELEASE_DIR Directory chosen by hvrlogrelease for private copies of DBMS journal or archive files. By default, hvrlogrelease writes these files into the DBMS tree (inside $II_SYSTEM or $ORACLE_HOME).
HVR_SORT_BYTE_LIMIT Amount of memory to use before sorting large data volumes in temporary files. The default limit is 512Mb.
HVR_SORT_COMPRESS When set to value 1 the sorting of large amounts of data will be compressed on the fly to reduce disk room.
HVR_SORT_ROW_LIMIT Number of rows to keep in memory before sorting large amounts of data using temporary files. The default limit is 10Mb.