Migrating from HVR Version 4 to 5

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HVR version 5 contains various changes to HVR version 4. This includes changes to HVR commands and actions. There are also limitations to HVR's network compatibility; the ability of HVR on one machine to talk to HVR on a different machine. When upgrading from HVR version 4 to HVR 5 additional steps are necessary. Fore more information, see Upgrading from HVR Version 4 to 5.

If a new (HVR version 5) GUI detects old (HVR version 4) actions in a new (version 5) hub machine, it will suggest that these actions be renamed. A popup assistant will do this renaming.

Changed Commands and Renamed Dialogs

The following HVR commands and dialogs are renamed between HVR version 4 and HVR version 5.

  • Command hvrload (dialog HVR Load) is renamed to hvrinit (dialog HVR Initialize).
  • Command hvrtrigger (right-click Trigger) is renamed to hvrstart (right-click Start)
  • Dialog Table Select is renamed to Table Explore.
  • HVR Refresh checkbox Unicode Datatypes (hvrrefresh option -cu) has moved to TableProperties /CreateUnicodeDatatypes.

Changed Actions and Action Parameters

Various actions and parameters are renamed and/or redesigned. The major changes are;

  • Actions DbCapture, FileCapture and SalesforceCapture are united into a single action called Capture.
  • Actions DbIntegrate, FileIntegrate and SalesforceIntegrate are united into a single action called Integrate.
  • Action Transform is redesigned; some functionality has moved to new action FileFormat (see parameters /CaptureConverter and /IntegrateConverter) while other functionality moved to ColumnProperties /SoftDelete.
  • Action Agent is renamed to AgentPlugin because HVR’s remote executable is also called ‘agent’.

The following is a complete list of these changes:

Old (HVR 4) Actions and Parameters New (HVR 5) Actions and Parameters
Action DbCapture Action Capture. Remove parameter /LogBased (new default). Add /TriggerBased added if /LogBased is NOT defined. Other parameters are copied.
Actions FileCapture and SalesforceCapture Action Capture
Actions DbIntegrate FileIntegrate and SalesforceIntegrate Action Integrate
Parameters /SupplementalLogsPK and /SupplementalLogsNoPK of DbCapture Parameter /SupplementalLogging of Capture.
  • If /SupplementalLogsPK=CDC_TAB and /SupplementalLogsNoPK=CDC_TAB then set /SupplementalLogging=CDCTAB.
  • If /SupplementalLogsPK=ARTICLE and /SupplementalLogsNoPK=CDC_TAB then set /SupplementalLogging=ARTICLE_OR_CDCTAB.
  • If /SupplementalLogsPK is not set and /SupplementalLogsNoPK=CDC_TAB then set /SupplementalLogging=ARTICLE_OR_CDCTAB.

Other combinations are no longer supported.

Parameter /NoTranLogTruncate of DbCapture Parameter /LogTruncate=NATIVE_DBMS_AGENT of Capture.
Parameter /Journal of DbIntegrate, FileIntegrate or SalesforceIntegrate Parameter /JournalRouterFiles of Integrate
Parameters /BulkAPI and/or /SerialMode of SalesforceIntegrate Parameters /BulkAPI and/or /SerialMode of LocationProperties
Parameters /Resilient, /ResilientInsert, /ResilientUpdate, /ResilientDelete and /ResilientWarning of DbIntegrate Integrate /Resilient=WARNING if /ResilientWarning was defined, Integrate /Resilient=SILENT_DELETES if /ResilientDeletes was defined, otherwise /Resilient=SILENT.
Parameter /DbProc and /DbProcDuringRefresh of DbIntegrate Integrate /DbProc. Parameter /Context=!refr is added if /DbProcDuringRefresh was not defined in HVR Version 4.
Note: In HVR Version 5 refresh will by default use /DbProc if action Integrate /DbProc is set for specific tables unless refresh is run with context refr.
Parameter /HvrOpField of FileIntegrate. Removed. Use ColumnProperties /Name=hvr_op_val /Extra /IntegrateExpession={hvr_op}
Parameter /ConvertNewlinesTo of FileIntegrate FileFormat /ConvertNewlinesTo
Parameter /DistributionKey of ColumnProperties This still exists, by the distribution key can now be set directly in Table Explore dialog instead. This is recommended.
Parameter /RefreshWithGroup of Restrict Removed. Use Restrict /Context instead
Transform /Rows2Xml Either remove (XML is default for integrating tables into a file location) or explicitly add action FileFormat /Xml.

Options in /ArgumentValue should be replaced with parameters as follows;

  • -n (retired)
  • -q -> /Compact
Transform /Rows2Csv or

/Builtin=Xml2Csv or /Builtin=Csv2Xml

FileFormat /Csv

Options in /ArgumentValue should be replaced with parameters as follows;

  • -c -> /Encoding
  • -h -> /Headerline
  • -f -> /FieldSeparator
  • -l -> /LineSeparator
  • -q -> /QuoteCharacter
  • -e -> /EscapeCharacter
  • -z -> /FileTerminator
  • -s quote style has been retired. This feature is now activated by setting /QuoteCharacter and/or /EscapeCharacter.

Specific options for /Builtin=Xml2Csv;

  • -F (retired)

Specific options for /Builtin=Csv2Xml;

  • -n Use Environment /Name=HVR_CSV2XML_EMPTY_IS_NULL /Value=1
  • -t Use Capture /Pattern containing {hvr_tbl_name} or set Environment /Name=HVR_TBL_NAME /Value=tbl_name
Transform /ArgumentValue. If /Command is checked then use CommandArgument instead of /ArgumentValue
Transform /Command on file capture location to reformat input. If /Command is hvrcsv2xml.pl then convert to FileFormat /Csv (see above). Otherwise FileFormat /CaptureConvertor
Transform /Command on file integrate location to reformat output. If /Command is hvrxml2csv.pl then convert to FileFormat /Csv (see above). Otherwise FileFormat /IntegrateConvertor
Transform /Builtin=SoftDelete ColumnProperties /Extra /Name={colname} /SoftDelete /Datatype={datatype}
Transform /Builtin=File2Column FileFormat /CaptureConvertor=hvrfile2column.pl
Transform /Builtin=SapAugment Transform /SapAugment
Transform /Builtin=SapXForm Transform /SapXForm with /SapTableListFile and /SapMetadataDirectory
Transform /Builtin=Tokenize Transform /Command=hvrtokenize.pl
Transform /XsltStyleSheet XSLT transform feature is no longer supported.
Action Agent Action renamed to AgentPlugin. All parameters are the same
Parameter /SslCertificate of LocationProperties Parameter /SslRemoteCertificate of LocationProperties
Parameters /CaptureOnceOnTrigger and /IntegrateOnceOnTrigger of Scheduling Parameters /CaptureOnceOnStart and /IntegrateOnceOnStart of Scheduling