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This section describes the requirements, access privileges, and other features of HVR when using Salesforce for replication. For information about the capabilities supported by HVR on Salesforce, see Capabilities for Salesforce.

For information about compatibility and supported versions of Salesforce with HVR platforms, see Platform Compatibility Matrix.

To quickly setup replication into Salesforce, see Quick Start for HVR on Salesforce.

Capture Hub Integrate
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HVR requires that the SalesForce dataloader is installed to establish connection with SalesForce. The location of the dataloader is supplied with the SalesForce location (e.g. C:\Program Files\\Data Loader\Dataloader.jar).

Java2SE or Java2EE version 5 or higher must be installed. If Java is not in the system PATH, then the environment variable JAVA_HOME must be defined with an Environment action.

HVR can either connect to SalesForce directly from the hub machine, or it first connects to a remote machine with HVR's own remote protocol and then connects to SalesForce from that machine. A proxy server can be configured with action LocationProperties /Proxy.

Location Connection

This section lists and describes the connection details required for creating Azure DLS location in HVR.

SC-Hvr-Location Salesforce.png
Field Description
Salesforce Location
Endpoint The URL to connect to Salesforce.
Login The Salesforce login name to connect HVR to Salesforce.
  Example: myuser@company
Password The password for Login to connect HVR to Salesforce.
Dataloader The directory path where the dataloader.jar file is located..
  Example: C:\Program Files\\Data Loader\Dataloader.jar