hvrretryfailed - Retry changes saved in fail tables or directory due to integration errors.


hvrretryfailed [-d] [-hclass] [-ttbl]... [-uuser] [-wsqlrestr] [-v] hubdb chn loc


Command hvrretryfailed causes HVR to reattempt integration of changes which gave an error during integration into location loc. For integration into a database these changes were written to fail tables in the target database. For file integration these are unsuccessful files which are moved into the file location's state directory. HVR integration jobs save changes in the fail tables or directory if action /OnErrorSaveFailed or /OnErrorBlockLoc is defined. The integration is retried immediately, instead of being delayed until the next integrate job runs.

The first argument hubdb specifies the connection to the hub database. This can be an Oracle, Ingres, SQL Server, DB2, DB2 for I, PostgreSQL or Teradata database depending on its form. See further section Calling HVR on the Command Line.


This section describes the options available for command hvrretryfailed.




Only delete rows, do not retry them. If no -w option is supplied then the fail table is also dropped. This is only allowed for database locations.


Commit frequency.

By default a commit is done after every 100 deletes.

This is only allowed for database locations.


Specify hub class, for connecting to hub database. For supported values, see Calling HVR on the Command Line.


Only failed rows from table tbl. If this option is not supplied, rows from all fail tables will be processed. Value tbl may be one of the following:

  • tbl : Only affects table tbl.
  • t1-t2 : Affects all tables that fall alphabetically between t1 and t2 inclusive.
  • !tbl : Affects all tables except tbl.
  • !t1-t2 : Affects all tables except for those that fall alphabetically between t1 and t2 inclusive.

Several -ty instructions can be supplied together. This is only allowed for database locations.


Connect to hub database using DBMS account user. For some databases (e.g. SQL Server) a password must also be supplied.


Verbose output.


Where clause. Only failed rows where sqlrestr is true will be processed. For example to only retry recent changes for a certain column, the SQL restriction would be -w "hvr_cap_tstamp >= '25/5/2007' and col1=22".This is only allowed for database locations.