Installing and Upgrading HVR

This section provides information on installing, upgrading, and configuring HVR software on various platforms.

Before proceeding with the installation, ensure that the following are available:

  • The HVR distribution, downloaded from To request a trial version visit
    Read the COMPATIBILITY section of the accompanying RELEASE NOTES (hvr.rel available in HVR_HOME directory) to ensure the version's compatibility with the Operating System and DBMS.
  • An HVR license file (hvr.lic) which is normally delivered separately to each customer by HVR Technical Support.
  • A hub database. This database can be Oracle, Ingres, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows, DB2 for I, PostgreSQL, Hana or Teradata. Initially this may be empty. The hub database will be used as a repository for the HVR channels. It will contain the list of tables to be replicated, actions defined, etc. For Oracle, the hub database is normally just an empty schema within the capture database or the target database. For more information about the grants for hub database, refer to the respective Location Class Requirements section.