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HVR location test fails with HDFS permission errors;
F_JG0B15: Error while inspecting url 'hdfs://hdm1.gphd.local//apps/g00004'. Error: Permission denied.
F_JG0B00: The previous error occurred while trying to hdfs sense 'hdfs://lg396677:!{XOBUxbi/IwTmZYab5OPlVP8h}!@hdm1.gphd.local/apps/g00004'.
F_JT04A1: The previous error occurred between a slave HVR version 4.7.3/41 executable and a parent HVR version 4.7.3/39 executable.

On Linux prompt, create or read directories or files in /apps/g00004 or /user/lg396677 is working fine.

System had a custom wrapper executable /usr/bin/hadoop that first sourced a config file before running $HADOOP_HOME/bin/hadoop.
HVR expects hadoop executable to be $HADOOP_HOME/bin/hadoop to query information about the hadoop installation. This executable does not use the config file which sets the correct environment for this specific hadoop installation.

Source the config file, which was called by /usr/bin/hadoop, before running the hvrremotelistener. This makes sure hvrremotelistener has the correct HADOOP environment variables.
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