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What is Database Compare and how does it relate to HVR (High Volume Replicator)?
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    Wednesday, May 04 2016, 08:52 AM - #Permalink
    Database Compare is software to compare two or more relational database tables and report on the differences. The product is available on 64-bit Windows and supports multiple different database types.

    HVR (High Volume Replicator) enhances Database Compare with at a high level the following functions:
    - One-time data load and repair capabilities.
    - Incremental log-based change data capture and real-time data integration.
    - Database Compare run decentralized in a bulk mode.
    - Replication into/out of files.
    - Comprehensive job scheduling, monitoring and notification-based maintenance.
    The Database Compare catalog definitions provide a starting point for the use of HVR.
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