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Greenplum Database Data Replication

Greenplum data in real time

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Greenplum Database is a powerful analytical MPP (massively parallel processing) database that is ideally suited for real-time fast data retrieval and running complex query workloads.

However Greenplum Database was not built for high volume transaction processing that is more likely to run on OLTP (on line transaction processing) databases like Oracle, SQL Server or DB2.
HVR Software makes it easy to deliver large volumes of real-time data into Greenplum Database efficiently, reliably & at the right time from your Oracle, SQL Server or DB2 databases.

HVR Software Greenplum database replication solutions for Greenplum Database allow users to leverage real-time analytics for valuable insights into their transactional data.
In today’s fast paced environment, organizations live and die by timely access to information. Real-time data and analytics are no longer a nice to have but a must have in order to compete and deliver expected value to customers, employees and shareholders and HVR Software Greenplum Database data replication is an ideal solution.

Log-based CDC into Greenplum Database

greenplum database replication
CDC (Change Data Capture) out of the OLTP database’s transaction log and into Greenplum Database is an innovative, non-intrusive way to capture data changes that does not slow down transactional processing. HVR – High Volume Replicator – delivers these changes in real-time into a Greenplum database.

Key Features for Data Delivery into Greenplum Database

HVR Software Data Replication technology provides end-to-end data load capabilities for real-time delivery & replication of high volume data changes.

  • DDL generation and automatic data type translation for the Greenplum Database schema based on the source database (Oracle, SQL Server, Ingres, PostgreSQL or DB2).
  • Initial load, integrated with ongoing CDC to avoid losing any data whilst the source databases (Oracle, SQL Server, Ingres, PostgreSQL or DB2) are in use.
  • Burst optimization during real-time synchronization for optimum replication performance into the Greenplum MPP database.
  • Compare to identify whether tables are in sync.

greenplum database replication in real time


Learn More About Greenplum Database Replication

See how easy it is to target to Greenplum in this video showcasing Real-Time Business Intelligence from Oracle into Greenplum AND Teradata. Or Request a Free Trial right now

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