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Increasingly, our customers care about the competitive edge gained from their enterprise data. We recognize that it takes a team to support these data-driven business requirements. At the core of the HVR Partner Program is a commitment to exceed our customer’s expectations and to do so with a focus on partnerships to deliver game-changing business outcomes.
HVR and our partners make data integration as simple and cost-effective as possible so customers can unlock real-time business insights, measure their success, and drive transformation to exceed growth goals.

Organizations often leverage HVR technology in order to efficiently drive real-time information to their end users. Teradata, GE, and Lufthansa are using HVR technology for their modern analytics platforms.

One of HVR’s oldest and biggest OEM partners is Lufthansa. The international airline uses HVR for its flight planning service, LIDO. LIDO Is a tool pilots from over 300 airlines use to determine the most effective flight routes in terms of cost, fuel and time. HVR enables LIDO to replicate the flight planning data to a central repository and then back to the airlines for real-time updates.

OEM Partners Will:

Integrate the HVR solutions with their own horizontal or Industry-specific solutions

Provide a more complete business solution based on industry-leading data capabilities

Deliver the complete user experience with HVR in a supporting role

Program Highlights

Technical Knowledge Transfer and Key Roadmap Alignment

HVR recognizes that partner success is based on solution capability and knowledge transfer. As an OEM provider, you will receive the very latest technical training, updates and HVR roadmap information. Product integration and alignment is critical for these relationships and HVR has extensive experience in managing this type of partnership

Joint Solution Development

Leveraging our respective engineering skills and resources HVR will work closely with our Solution Provider partners to deliver the very best Business and Industry solutions to our joint customers.

Software Licensing & Technical Support

OEM providers will benefit from comprehensive and attractive licensing models to support their unique sales models and GTM strategies.

Dedicated Territories and Solutions

HVR will work closely with each partner to define and document the right business plan based on Industry, Geo or Horizontal market requirements.

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