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Product Overview

The HVR Real-Time Replicator is software for reliable, high volume data synchronization and real-time replication between databases and file systems in heterogeneous environments.

Real-time Data Integration

HVR covers all aspects of data synchronization and replication through an easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI):

  • Support for log-based change data capture out of multiple sources and many targets, including HDFS.
  • Database DDL generation and initial data load capabilities in heterogeneous environments.
  • Compare and data repair capabilities in heterogeneous environments.

HVR Software provides Real-time Data Replication, Compare / Repair/ Initial Load and File Replication in a single product


HVR implements a hub and spoke model. The hub maintains the state of all data integration flows and ensures jobs can resume where left off in case of any interruptions. Setup, logging and management are all centralized on the hub.


Most customers use HVR in their own data center(s) running all installations of HVR behind a firewall. However more and more customers are starting to use HVR to synchronize data in the cloud or between on-premise and cloud-based systems.

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