AWS Data Integration

Demo: SQL to Snowflake on AWS

TUESDAY  |  JUNE 29  |  12:00 pm BST  |  1:00 pm CEST

Demo: SQL to Snowflake on AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a popular cloud provider for organizations looking to implement a hybrid or multi-cloud strategy.

But, consolidating data from tens to hundreds of source systems onto an AWS platform doesn’t come without its challenges.

HVR is an all-in-one real-time replication solution that can reduce the complexities of the data integration process, especially in heterogeneous environments. Register today to see how HVR seamlessly replicates high volumes of data for fast, efficient data delivery onto AWS.

During this live demo, you’ll learn:

  • How to continuously integrate high volumes of data from a variety of sources to AWS
  • Why log-based CDC over bulk extractions is the fastest, most efficient way to move data with minimal impact on the source system
  • How a distributed architecture improves security, performance, and manageability in complex environments
  • Best practices for AWS data integration

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