SAP Data Replication with HVR

Demo: SAP ECC on Oracle to Snowflake

TUESDAY  |  April 13  |  12:00 pm PDT  |  3:00 pm EDT

Demo: SAP ECC on Oracle to Snowflake

Are you interested in extracting essential business data from SAP applications for integration into a cloud-based data lake or data warehouse? If so, this live demo is for you!

HVR is an all-in-one solution supporting log-based Change Data Capture (CDC) on most databases that run current SAP ERP installations, including SAP HANA.

Register today and see HVR’s log-based CDC in action and learn more about the rich set of destination technologies that HVR supports for optimum SAP data delivery.

During this live demo, HVR’s Senior Solutions Architect will:

  • Explain how log-based CDC is the most efficient way to extract SAP data
  • Demonstrate how organizations can extract data from SAP applications and integrate it into destinations such as Snowflake’s Data Cloud
  • Provide real-world examples of how organizations leverage HVR’s SAP extraction capabilities to improve operational efficiencies and optimize the business with real-time data and faster reporting.

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