How to Build a Data Lake with HVR

Demo: Oracle to Amazon S3

TUESDAY  |  FEBRUARY 2  |  12:00 pm PST  |  3:00 pm EST

Demo: Oracle to Amazon S3

Are you ready to architect a cloud-based data lake that solves high-volume, complex data challenges? Or are you looking to leverage your current data lake for real-time business insights?

Integrating a cloud-based data lake with legacy technologies is an efficient and low-cost way to converge all of your data sources into a central repository for advanced analytics and real-time decision making.

Although data lakes are an efficient solution, many technical challenges arise when building and maintaining a data lake. Also, knowing how to leverage the data for real-time analysis and decision-making is critical to remain competitive.

During this demo, HVR’s Solutions Architect will:

  • Explain the general considerations for building a data lake
  • Explore real-world examples of data lake architectures
  • Discuss common problems and solutions with the initial onboarding process
  • Show you how HVR accelerates high volume data movement into a data lake with little to no impact on systems

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