Oracle Replication

Real-Time Data Delivery from an Oracle Database

This 2014 video shows HVR delivering data real-time from an Oracle database into ActianVector, to speed up reporting with Tableau. Without loosing the real-time aspect, reporting is sped up by several orders of magnitude. Setup is quick and easy.

Video: Real-Time Business Intelligence - Oracle to Teradata and Greenplum

This video shows data loading from an Oracle source into Greenplum AND Teradata simultaneously using HVR. HVR loads data in real-time at high speed into both environments without causing load on the Oracle source. HVR supports both Change Data Capture and initial data load.

Video: Oracle Replication to SQL Server

This recorded demonstration shows HVR Software’s data integration solution. The demo starts with software download and all the way through installation to getting a first working real-time replication scenario setup between an Oracle source database and a SQL Server destination.

Case Study: United States Coast Guard

CaseStudy_CoastGuard_continuous real-time data integration

How the USCG used HVR to offload reporting and reduce latency

About: The United States Coast Guard (USCG) is one of the country’s five armed services. In times of peace, USCG operates as part of the Department of Homeland Security, serving as the nation’s front-line agency for enforcing laws at sea, protecting the coastline and ports, and saving lives. When the nation is at war or on direction of the President, USCG serves under the Navy Department. USCG uses HVR to replicate data in real-time from the production system it uses to maintain its fleet of aircraft to a second database for use in reporting.


  • While enabling real-time analytics, minimize impact of reports running against the production system
  • Needed a real-time replication technology to keep reporting and production systems in-sync

Solution: HVR enables USCG to minimize the impact of reporting with HVR’s log-based CDC technology. Efficient processing and effective compression mean that data transfer across data centers does not introduce latency.


  • Distributed workloads
  • High Availability of Data
  • Latency reduction


  • Oracle
  • Ingres

Use Case:

  • Database Replication
  • Real-time Analytics
  • High Availability

Case Study: Atos – Hot Standby and Data Warehouse

About: Atos runs a highly successful business, managing outsourced IT services—everything from data centers, server farms and network communication systems to local PCs, software applications and printers. In addition to performing functions such as managing software licenses and delivering help desk support, Atos also helps large companies roll out new software or software upgrades to thousands of employees worldwide.


  • Minimize possible downtime of the business critical IT service systems.
  • Implement a data warehouse for real-time data reporting.

Solution: HVR replicates data between CA Service Management and hot standby databases in multiple Atos locations and updates the data warehouse in real-time.


  • Oracle
  • Ingres

Use Case:

  • Hot Standby
  • Data Warehouse
continuous real-time data integration

Case Study: Royal Dutch PostNL

continuous real-time data integration
continuous real-time data integration

How HVR enables a 100% Cloud Organization

About: PostNL offers mail, parcel and e-commerce products and services in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, and Italy.


  • Reduce costs to create a competitive advantage by replacing on-premises data centers with cloud infrastructure.
  • Migrate applications, data and IT infrastructure to the cloud.
  • Enable on-going intercloud integration

Solution: After enabling a successful migration to the cloud, HVR provides real-time data integration from PostNL’s on-premise databases to Microsoft Azure and Amazon EC2.


  • Enabled successful cloud migration and intercloud data integration
  • Simplified continual data management and improved security

Databases/ Systems: Oracle, SQL Server, Azure, Amazon EC2

Use Cases:

  • Data Migration to the Cloud
  • Ongoing Intercloud Cloud Data Integration

Case Study: Mobicom - Offload Data from Oracle to SQL Server

How a Growing Telecom Company leveraged HVR to Manage a Growing Customer Network

About: MobiCom Corporation (Mongolian: Мобиком Корпораци) is the largest mobile phone operator in Mongolia. Established in 1996, MobiCom pioneered mobile technology in Mongolia where it today has 33 percent of the mobile service market. MobiCom has been pivotal in transforming Mongolia’s economy by providing essential telecommunication services including long distance and local telephone services, facsimile services, TV and public card payphones, internet services, and prepaid card services.


  • Handling data loads as network coverage increased
  • Providing BI solutions group real-time information

Solution: Simple and automate offloading of data from two Oracle Databases into a SQL Server Database


  • Scalable infrastructure
  • Improved customer service
  • Better customer insights for innovation


  • Oracle
  • SQL Server

Use Case:

  • Database Replication
  • Real-time reporting
real-time data integration
real-time data integration

Case Study: Epsilon - High Volume Data Movement from Oracle to SQL Server

real-time data replication

About: Epsilon Marketing is a U.S.-based marketing services company that uses engagement and direct response marketing to lead its clients’ customers through the purchase funnel. Epsilon’s goal is to help its clients deliver the right message at the right time to the right prospect. It has succeeded in this approach by analyzing up-to-date and accurate customer data to gain customer intelligence.

Challenge: Real-Time Data Replication Between Oracle Production Databases and Microsoft SQL Server-Based Data Warehouse

Solution: HVR Mapped Complex Data Models. Non-Intrusive Direct Capture Feature Eliminates Impact on Production Systems and Network Compression Speeds Data Transmission

Benefits: Improved Performance for Production Systems, Up-to-Date Reporting

Databases: Oracle and MS SQL Server

Use Case: Real-Time Data Replication

Case Study: Nigerian Federal Inland Revenue Service

About: Real-time replication: Founded in 1943, the Nigerian Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) is responsible for assessing, collecting and accounting for the various taxes owed to the Nigerian government. With its population of 162 million people, Nigeria is divided into 37 separate tax districts, spread over almost one million square kilometers and has around 800,000 registered taxpayers. For a Revenue Collection agency like FIRS, quality service delivery and accurate tax information is critical to success

Challenge: Real-time data replication across 37 distributed tax regions

Solution: HVR provides extremely efficient data transport over Nigeria’s restricted WAN. The HVR central management console enables FIRS to streamline the dataflow across their entire tax administration system

Benefits: Real-time geographical distributed data replication. Single point of control. Flexibility, scalability and robustness

Database: Oracle

Use Case: Distributed replication

real-time data replication
real-time data replication

Data Sheet: HVR’s Oracle Database Support


HVR’s support for the Oracle Database as a source for change data capture, and as a target for data delivery.

The Oracle Database is one of the most commonly used databases, running some of the world’s most demanding and mission-critical workloads. The Oracle Database is a common data source for analytical environments and data lakes. This data sheet describes HVR’s support for the Oracle Database as a source for change data capture, and as a target for data delivery.

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