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Enterprise Data Integration

Organizations often use a variety of data integration tools in their environment. This leads to challenges in the IT department to get staff familiarized with multiple tools, many environments and different capabilities. What if there was one tool that could be used for many if not all data integration needs?

HVR is that tool, because it supports:

  • Real-time log-based change data capture out of commonly used OLTP databases including Oracle, SQL Server, IBM DB2 and Ingres
  • DDL generation and scheduled bulk data load capabilities in heterogeneous environments
  • Multiple operating systems and databases, and multiple versions of each - Database compare and repair capabilities between heterogeneous systems
  • File transfer
  • Bi-directonal replication
  • On-premise and cloud-based deployments

Enterprise Data Integration with Real-time Log-based Capture on-premises and in the cloud, for files (including hadoop) and databases

All of the above and more is available through a central environment instructed through an easy-to-use GUI.

HVR’s customers often start with one specific use case. Then as they discover the wide range of capabilities HVR offers the one use case expands to more and more use cases, replacing alternative data integration technologies along the way.

Sounds interesting? Try HVR for free in your environment, or read our white paper.