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Geographic Distributed Computing

Storing all application data into one single database instance is obviously the ultimate way to get everybody to agree on a single version of the truth, and to ensure everybody can access the data they need. In reality there can be many legal, organizational and/or technical reasons that prevent the creation of a single database instance. For example high-latency network communication renders a chatty application unusable over a wide-area network.

HVR is a replication tool that can eliminate the technical reasons for not using a single database instance with very little effort to set up multi-directional replication. HVR’s easy-to-use GUI and innovative architecture ensure an easy setup of active/active replication, whether you have two, tens or even hundreds of active databases. HVR provides innovative conflict detection and resolution algorithms to keep any number of active database in sync.

Worldwide Distributed Databases, updated everywhere without collisions over minimal infrastructure: active / active replication

HVR supports active/active replication using log-based change data capture on all of its supported database sources including Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and Ingres. Default out-of-the-box settings ensure that active/active replication just works, and with the concept of a location group the replication design is no different whether there is two, five or fifty databases in the active/active setup.

Some of the world’s most well-known organizations use HVR for active/active replication. And to show just how easy it is to set up an environment, we created this quick video. Or please read our white paper on active-active for additional proof.

Still not convinced? Contact us for a free trial in your environment.