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High Availability

System outages can have many causes: hardware failures including network interruptions, software bugs, power outages, natural disasters, or, most commonly, human errors. In any and all cases of outages people are under pressure to get systems back up and running which may lead to additional problems. And post system recovery there may be a question lingering for quite some time: was any data lost?

Creating a passive DR copy using HVR Data Replication in Real-time

HVR is a powerful data replication tool that you can use to:

  1. Set up one or more standby environments.
  2. Keep the standby system(s) in sync through real-time log-based capture.
  3. Compare primary and standby environments, and if necessary repair any data-related differences.

HVR can help mitigate if not eliminate the cost of downtime. On top of that your standby system is always available for real-time queries and reports.

Creating a failover situation with multiple active redundant databases kept in sync with HVR

Log-based change data capture for high availability is supported on all editions of the Oracle Database, SQL Server, DB2 and Ingres. Data integration across the network is optimized for low latency and low bandwidth. HVR provides an easy-to-use GUI to manage and control data replication to simplify tasks that may have to be performed under the pressure of downtime.

Many HVR clients including the US Coast Guard use HVR for high availability. Contact us to try HVR for your high availability needs.