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The rapid advances in computer hardware and software have made migrations a fact of life in the IT department. Every migration introduces risk. Will the new combination of technology components work equally well if not better than the old configuration? In most cases a leap of faith is the only way to find out and it is often impossible to go back to the old state.

Migration between different versions of databases, like an upgrade form Oracle 10g to 12c

HVR’s data replication tool provides powerful capabilities to mitigate risk during migrations. HVR is a master in heterogeneous environments when it comes to support for:

  • Multiple versions of commonly-used operating systems
  • Log-based change data capture from various databases, supporting current as well as old versions
  • Bi-directional replication, to allow systems to run concurrently for a smooth transition
  • In-line transformations to assist application migrations

Migration between different database platforms, like Oracle to MS SQL

Example: Oracle to SQL Server Replication

HVR’s flexible architecture and easy-to-use GUI dramatically simplify the data side of the migration. Reversing data replication once users start using the new system is just a few clicks away to ensure no data is lost even if the migration is temporarily undone due to whatever reason.

All the time HVR customers migrate hardware, operating systems, databases and database versions, applications. This short video shows just how easy it is to setup heterogeneous replication from Oracle to SQL Server. Interested? Check out our supported platforms!